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Violin Class

Beginner Suzuki Violin lessons in a group setting develops the incipient stages of becoming ready to learn, hand strength, finger dexterity, singing on pitch, using solfège for note-reading, reading rhythms, and memorizing the pieces in Book One.  It culminates in a Book One Graduation Recital!


Here is the daily recording to listen to, and here is a more advanced version.  Use whichever you prefer!  You will receive my violin book, but here it is online in case you need it and are away from your printouts.  Here is the Twinkles Rhythms video to use during practice.  I've created these materials for my students,  so please do not copy or share these materials with any other students or organizations -- the should only be used with my express permission, please :)

Please consult with me before purchasing or renting a violin and bow.  I recommend Shar Music, or The Sound Post.  If you need to sell a smaller violin, please let me know so I can help find a student who needs your size.   When buying a kun shoulder rest, please get the one with stationary legs.  This avoids it moving while playing.  Consider getting the  'Blue Jello' reading method, which is recommended but not required.

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Three Categories

A) Listening

-Playing the CD daily, or playing the pieces for the children on their violin daily for them. 

-Playing the rhythms song for them while they do the air bowings.

-Listening to and singing in solfège.

B) Physical dexterity & strength

-play doh exercises- squishing a ball between fingers, finding coins in theraputty, flicking plastic tokens, squishing pom poms, clothespin games

-finger taps and finger pops, using increasingly complex patterns of finger numbers

-singing Twinkles memorized using body motions, then just finger taps

C) Playing the violin daily

-work through the book, since it is ordered in increasing level of difficulty.

-use practice videos to help remember and understand the assignments.


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